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Garden Wood News Update – June 2021

During the winter months our gardener cleared up tons of leaves and tidied up the edging to the grass areas. There was a good crop of Daffodils this spring. . A few years ago we planted a lot of Bluebells in the Dell area. They have taken a little while to establish but there was a reasonable display this year. Hopefully this will increase over time. 

Company AGM

Last year we had to cancel the AGM due to Covid. The AGM is normally held around May/June. We have yet to set a date for this year’s AGM, again due to Covid.  As soon as a date is agreed you will be advised. Our annual accounts will be out soon and we will publish them on our web site.   The AGM also gives shareholders the opportunity to ask questions of the directors but you do not need to wait for the AGM to do that.  If you have any questions about the Company then please drop us an email and we will do our best to answer them. 

Garden Wood On Line

We would like our web site to be the first port of call if you have any issues you want to raise with us. If you think there is an area of interest to residents that we have not covered on our web site then please let us know.  You can email us direct from the web site.  

Have a good summer. 

John Shead

On behalf of 

The Directors

Garden Wood Resident Co Ltd 

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