Incidents of fly tipping on Garden Wood are rare but seem to be on the increase.  Items dumped include super market trolleys, garden/household waste, rubble, charity bags and even a road trailer and a stolen motorbike.  Removing these items is a cost to the company and hence the residents.  The area between Kipling Way and the viaduct seems most prone to fly tipping.

Railway land also seems to be a target for fly tippers. Although not our responsibility, it does not enhance our area. 

There is an excellent free recycling facility about a mile away in Imberhorne Lane. Please make use of it and help keep our estate tidy.  Thank you.

Fly Tipping is illegal.  If you do notice anybody dumping rubbish on Garden Wood please let us know. Location, date, time and if available a vehicle description and registration number would be useful. A photo is even better.

Our contract gardener (EGL) does have permission to dispose of our grass cuttings and leaves in a designated area.  This area is for our use only