Covid 19 Information
Being so close to Crawley and Gatwick, businesses in our area have been particularly badly effected by the Pandemic. Many local poeple have been furloughed or have lost their jobs

At the end of November, Mid Sussex ( our area ) and Crawley had some of the lowest infection rates in Sussex and Kent, but they are now creeping up !! Lets try to keep them as low as possible.

We are bombarded with information by the media , but residents may find the following contacts useful: web site tells you all you want to know about Covid regulations and guide lines and so much more, Tax, Immigration, Benifits its all there.

WSCC has a community hub to help local people with more information on their web site or call their support help line on 033 022 27980

Local Citizens Advice Office in the library had to close in March when the library closed, but you can still get advice over the phone. Just call 0344 477 1171 for help/advice on many subjects including Employment, Benefits, Immigration, Relationships issues and much more.

Easy Grinstead Food Bank If you know of anybody who needs their help contact 0785 686 4251 or Citizens Advice  can also refer people in need to the food bank.
You can donate to the food bank via your local supermarket.